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Article Date : 1/10/2022 | Category: SERVICES ANNOUNCEMENTS

Future Best Practices for Ordering HLA

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Please Note: Future functionality of the customer portal will include using it to directly place HLA product requests. While the customer portal supports this capability in some locations, the full functionality has not yet been rolled out nationwide for all hospital partners. Please continue to work with your hospital contacts to place HLA orders using the process established for your location.

Vitalant has rolled out our online customer portal to nearly all our hospital partners across the nation. Most recently, Chicago-area customers went live with all Vitalant systems, including the customer portal. Once our Cleveland, Pittsburgh and New Jersey-area customers are added to Vitalant systems, all our hospital partners will order products using the Vitalant customer portal.

For those facilities who have already transitioned to the customer portal (all hospitals areas except Cleveland, Pittsburgh and New Jersey), ordering Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) product will become easier than ever. Vitalant can accept HLA product requests electronically. In fact, using the customer portal will soon be the preferred method for receiving these requests, as it allows Vitalant to process HLA requests more effectively and efficiently for our customers.

If you are able to use the customer portal to place HLA orders, please use the following process to avoid ordering errors, as these precious products can take up to 5 days for fulfilment:

  1. Select the type of order priority needed
  2. Select the “platelet” family to order
  3. Enter the number of products needed
  4. Select Modifiers and HLA options as needed
  5. Select add product
  6. Select proceed
  7. Select “Patient” to enter patient details
  8. Communicate needs by date and time within the comments section (no patient information is to be shared within the comment section).
  9. Select submit
  10. A pop-up window will display your order number

If you have any questions or need support when using the customer portal, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Vitalant account team.

For our customers in locations not currently using the customer portal for ordering HLA, we hope these tips for utilizing Vitalant’s customer portal provide insight into the system your facility will use in the future. We look forward to sharing more about the customer portal, and all Vitalant systems, when the time comes for integration in your area.