Apheresis Collections

Vitalant is a leading provider of Mononuclear cell (MNC) apheresis collection services through its Vitalant Research Institute. We can provide blood products for research drawn from research donors recruited and consented under Vitalant research donor protocol using FDA-approved collection methods. 

We also offer MNC apheresis collection services through our Clinical Therapeutic Apheresis division. Collections can be provided by clinical apheresis service teams in Baltimore, Chicago and Pittsburgh. 


Vitalant Research Institute Apheresis Collection

Blood products for research offerings include these apheresis collections:

  • Research whole blood
  • Research apheresis including platelets, plasma and RBC-unit platelets
  • Leukopheresis (Leukopak Collection)
  • Whole blood samples

Allogeneic blood donor de-identified products:

  • Leukoreduction Chamber from Apheresis Collections
  • Trima Residual from Apheresis Collections
  • Expired Red Blood Cells
  • Plasma
  • Expired Platelets

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Therapeutic Apheresis

Our accredited Clinical Therapeutic Apheresis labs can provide Mononuclear cells (MNC) for a number of established and experimental cellular therapies, including enrichment and expansion, regenerative medicine, and immunization.


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