Guidelines & Updates

For references to recent and historical guidelines and updates relevant to Vitalant services and laboratory processes, including Coagulation and related Transfusion Medicine, please view the links below.

General Updates

Bacterial Mitigation in Platelets

Summary Statement Vitalant Disaster Preparedness Plan 1.25.2021

Summary Statement Vitalant Quality Plan 1.25.2021

TRALI Mitigation Policy

Red Cell Contamination in Platelets and Apheresis Granulocytes

Blood Component Quality Control Program for RBC and Apheresis Platelets

Blood Use Optimization

Bacterial Detection QC for Platelets

Babesia Microti Testing for Blood Collected in High-Risk Endemic States

Suspected Platelet Refractory State

Compliance Alert, January 2013: Important Information for All Laboratories

Rationale for Universal Leukoreduction (ULR)

Reintroduction of Nonleukoreduced Blood Components

NAT in Blood Screening Around the World

Compliance Alert, March 2011: Important Information for All Transfusion Services

Small Volume Transfusions in Neonates

Coagulation Updates

Transfusion Medicine Updates

Transfusion Medicine Updates published from February 1992 to the present that are relevant to the Coagulation Laboratory.
2011 Issue #1, Dabigatran, a New Oral Anticoagulant & Its Role in Clinical Practice (PDF), Irina Chibisov, M.D., Andrea Cortese Hassett, Ph.D.
2005 Issue #4, Aspirin Resistance (PDF), Zella Zeigler, M.D.
2004 Issue #3, Quantitative D-dimer: Ruling out Venous Thrombosis (PDF), Andrea Cortese Hassett, Ph.D.
2002 Issue #5, Platelet Function Testing (PDF), Andrea Cortese Hassett, Ph.D.
2001 January, Activated Protein C Resistance (PDF), Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D., Franklin A. Bontempo, M.D.
2000 February, D-dimer Testing and Acute Venous Thromboembolism, (PDF) Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D.
2000 July, Closure Time Platelet Function Screening (PDF), Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D.
1996 February, Heparin Monitoring (PDF), Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D.
1996 June, Low Molecular Weight Heparin (PDF), Franklin A. Bontempo, M.D., Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D.
1995 June, The INR (International Normalized Ratio) FOR Monitoring Oral Anticoagulant Therapy (PDF), Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D., Frank A. Bontempo, M.D.
1995 August, The Factor V Leiden Mutation (PDF), Franklin A. Bontempo, M.D., Andrea Cortese-Hassett, Ph.D.
1994 April, Use and Misuse of the Bleeding Time (PDF), Franklin A. Bontempo, M.D.
1994 October, von Willebrand Disease (PDF), Margaret V. Ragni, M.D., M.P.H.